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ONION HANDS® Hand-Odor Neutralizing Hand Wash - 16 oz

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✅ Instant Hand deodorizer
✅ Infused with natural essential oils
✅ Unscented moisturizing hand wash
✅ Neutralizes onion, garlic, spice and fishy hand odors
✅ Removes Ointment/ Greasy hand odors
✅ All Organic Ingredients



ONION HANDS® removes unpleasant odors from hands. Simply work up a lather and wash it off under running water, for an ultraclean finish.

ONION HANDS® hand deodorizer was formulated to eliminate sharp clinging Domestic and Industrial hand odors.

A bottle lasts more than 6 months.

We are a certified Women's Business Enterprise (WBENC). 


 Addition Information

UltraClean Hands, LLC. is located in Burtonsville, Maryland, USA, though the Million Dollar Contract Manufacturer is on the West Coast (USA). Our mission is to promote creative ways that improve the quality of life, one refreshed hand at a time. We specialize in removing onion, garlic, food spices and fish hand odors. In addition, ONION HANDS organic hand cleanser instantly neutralizes pet handling hand odor, ointment and medication hand odor, industrial grease and grime hand odors and gardening hand odors. The Fishing Industry is excited about ONION HANDS. It is the ultimate hand-odor-begone solution!
We also sell ONION HANDS at, and on as a Third-party Seller. ONION HANDS is the solution to an age-old problem.

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How long does onion smell last in hands? For some people, that may take up to two days for your hands to stop smelling like onion, garlic or fish. The best Tip to Get Rid of Garlic, Onion or fish smell from your hands. Essential Oil infused in ONION HANDS will help eliminate the smell and the extra ingredients in the formula will eliminate the smell of onion, leaving no new fragrance. ONION HANDS is odorless. Just put some into your hands and work up a lather. Rinse under running water.

ONION HANDS is a hand deodorizer, a hand cleanser, a hand odor eliminator, and hand odor control solution. It is a hand odor remover and a hydrating Hand wash. It is an organic hand wash, a gentle and moisturizing hand wash.

It is not a hand sanitizer. Though it is soapy, it not soap. Does hand sanitizer get rid of onion smell? No. ONION HANDS is not a hand sanitizer, it is formulated to get rid of that pungent onion, fish or garlic smell. Usually hand sanitizers are not effective at this, and most have an alcohol base. ONION HANDS does not have an alcohol base, and it works in seconds... or your money back. Guaranteed. 

Why do I smell like onion after cutting them? Use ONION HANDS to instantly eliminate that smell. Bromhidrosis is a disease that occurs when the bacteria on your skin breaks down sweat and produces an abnormally offensive smell similar to onions or sulfur. ONION HANDS is not a cure for that. 

Does lemon reduce Onion smell? Lemon juice may help to neutralize the odor of onions or garlic on the breath. Lemon is not an ONION HANDS ingredient.

Can Apple cider vinegar get rid of onion and garlic smell from hands? ONION HANDS does not contain apple cider vinegar and Ultraclean Hands, LLC has not determined if you can also use apple cider vinegar to get rid of the smell of onions and garlic. 

How do you mask the smell of onion, garlic or fish smell? Just pump ONION HANDS twice and work up a lather for 30 seconds. Wash off completely under running water for an ultra clean set of hands!

UltraClean Hands, LLC is researching the following related topics: Why does my bedroom smell like onions? Can I leave onion juice in my hair for a week? Can onion juice cause baldness? Does onion help hair growth? Will onion juice regrow hair? Get rid of garlic smell on nails by working up a lather of ONION HANDS and washing it off under running water. 

The easy trick to get rid of onion smell from hands... use ONION HANDS! De-stink your onion hands with this trick. This is how to remove onion Smell from hands. Yes, you actually get rid of onion smell out of your hands. This is your only option. There are no other options on how to remove onion smell instantly from your hands. How to get onion smell off hands. How to get garlic and onion smell off your fingers... ONION HANDS! So. banish onion smell from your hands and home with these tips.

There is no soap to get rid of onion smell from your hands. How do I stop smelling like onion? Wash your hands with ONION HANDS to stop smelling like onion. Hands smell like onion/garlic/leeks for days? How to get rid of the smell? ONION HANDS hand wash solution is the answer. Also available at

Use ONION HANDS hand wash. Rinse your hands under cold water until they are clean. Use toothpaste and mouthwash to eliminate this smell? We are researching into this myth that Toothpaste and mouthwash can eliminate the sulfuric chemical compounds in onions that leave a lingering smell. How do I remove onion smell from my hands? Garlic hand smell remover. Fishy hand  smell remover. Neutralize hand odor. Neutralize hand smell fast.