About Us

Ultraclean Hands, LLC is a Women-Owned, Black, Minority, WBENC certified business. The Founder, Grace Okpan, MBA, CICA is a Certified Management Consultant providing strategic and operational guidance.

She leverages over 20 years' experience in Accounting, Financial Audits and Risk management, Internal control and Business process improvement. She believes in prioritizing customer satisfaction in all aspects of her role as a visionary leader. Her enthusiasm and zest for efficiency and continuous improvement is unmatched and palpable.

At UltraClean Hands, LLC we are super excited about ONION HANDS®. We know it will quickly become a frequently used kitchen staple in your home, in industrial kitchens, and in restaurants that serve spicy foods eaten with bare hands. Fishing and Boating clubs are gaga about ONION HANDS®. 

Our mission is to promote creative ways that improve the quality of life, one refreshed hand at a time as no existing hand-wash has these qualities. ONION HANDS® is scientifically certified safe, biodegradable, and user-friendly after successful clinical trials.

We are third party sellers at Amazon.com Walmart.com and at Etsy.com.

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